Our Story

🌿 Geza Ceramic: The Elegance of Handmade Art 🌿

Hello! We are Ali Doğan and  Nur Doğan, the artisans behind Geza Ceramic. We bring you unique, handmade ceramic products that carry the tradition passed down from our ancestors into the modern era. Each of our products is a meeting of the natural elegance of pure clay, crafted exclusively for you.

Recyclable and Organic:
Geza Ceramic is not just about beauty; it's a brand that respects the environment. Our products are recyclable, organic, and embody the natural color and texture of pure clay. Each piece reflects our reverence for the treasure that nature provides.

Custom Designs for Individuals:
We are here to reflect your uniqueness and style. At Geza Ceramic workshop, each product is meticulously designed for you. We create pieces that harmonize with your preferences in color, pattern, and form. We're here to add a personalized touch to your homes, offices, or special spaces.

Respecting Handcraft in Istanbul:
Located in the heart of Istanbul, where art and culture embrace, our workshop and store proudly offer you the Geza Ceramic experience. Each of our products encapsulates the history and richness of Istanbul.

At Geza Ceramic, we're here to guide you in bringing art into your lifestyle and making your homes more special. Visit us and step into the unique world of handmade ceramics.

🌿 Geza Ceramic - The Elegance of Handmade Art 🌿