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1. PARTIESThis Agreement has been signed between the following parties within the framework of the terms and conditions set forth below.A. 'BUYER' ; (hereinafter referred to as "BUYER" in the contract)B. 'SELLER' ; (hereinafter referred to as "SELLER" in the contract)NAME SURNAME:ADDRESS:By accepting this contract, the BUYER accepts in advance that if the subject of the contract approves the order, it will be under the obligation to pay the price of the order and the additional fees, if any, such as shipping fee and tax, and that it has been informed about this issue.2. DEFINITIONSIn the application and interpretation of this contract, the terms written below shall express the written explanations against them.MINISTER: Minister of Customs and Trade,MINISTRY: Ministry of Customs and Trade,LAW: Consumer Protection Law No. 6502,REGULATION: Distance Contracts Regulation (OG:27.11.2014/29188)SERVICE: The subject of any consumer transaction other than the supply of goods made or promised to be made in return for a fee or benefit,SELLER: A company that offers goods to the consumer within the scope of its commercial or professional activities or acts on behalf of or on behalf of the supplier,BUYER: A natural or legal person who acquires, uses or benefits from a good or service for commercial or non-professional purposes,SITE: The website of the SELLER,ORDERING PERSON: The natural or legal person who requests a good or service through the website of the SELLER,PARTIES: SELLER and BUYER,AGREEMENT: This contract concluded between the SELLER and the BUYER,GOODS: It refers to the movable goods that are the subject of shopping and the software, sound, image and similar intangible goods prepared for use in the electronic environment.3. SUBJECTThis Agreement regulates the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of the Consumer and the Regulation on Distance Contracts regarding the sale and delivery of the product, the qualities and sales price of which are specified below, which the BUYER has placed an order electronically on the website of the SELLER.The prices listed and announced on the site are the sales price. Advertised prices and promises are valid until updated and changed. Prices announced for a period of time are valid until the end of the specified period.4. SELLER INFORMATIONTitle: Geza Ceramic StudioAddress Çınar Mahallesi tahsin bey street no:3 /a Yücel Bey apt. shop aPhone : 0(531) 949 12 02E-mail : sezaceramic@gmail.com5. BUYER INFORMATIONPerson to be deliveredDelivery addressTelephoneFaxEmail/username6. CONTRACTUAL PRODUCT/PRODUCTS INFORMATION6.1. The basic features of the Good/Product/Products/Service (type, quantity, brand/model, color, number) are published on the website of the SELLER. If the campaign is organized by the seller, you can examine the basic features of the relevant product during the campaign. Valid until the campaign date.6.2. The prices listed and announced on the site are the sales price. Advertised prices and promises are valid until updated and changed. Prices announced for a period of time are valid until the end of the specified period.6.3. The sales price of the goods or services subject to the contract, including all taxes, is shown below.Product DescriptionQuantityUnit PriceSubtotal(VAT included)Shipping AmountTotal :Payment Method and PlanDelivery addressPerson to be deliveredBilling addressOrder datedelivery dateDelivery method6.4. The shipping fee, which is the product shipping cost, will be paid by the BUYER.7. INVOICE INFORMATIONName/Surname/TitleAddressTelephoneFaxEmail/usernameInvoice delivery: During the delivery of the invoice order, to the invoice address together with the order.It will be delivered.8. - RULES ON SECURITY-PRIVACY, PERSONAL DATA, ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS AND INTELLECTUAL AND INTELLECTUAL RIGHTSConfidentiality rules-policy and conditions, the current principles of which are stated below, apply for the protection, confidentiality, processing-use of information, communications and other issues on the INTERNET SITE.8.1. The necessary measures for the security of the information and transactions entered by the BUYER on the WEBSITE have been taken in the system infrastructure of the SELLER, within the scope of today's technical possibilities according to the nature of the information and transaction. However, since the said information is entered from the BUYER's device, it is the BUYER's responsibility to take the necessary precautions, including those related to viruses and similar harmful applications, so that they are protected by the BUYER and cannot be accessed by unrelated persons.8.2. In addition to the consent-approvals regarding the personal data and commercial electronic communications given by the BUYER in any other way, and confirming; The information obtained during the BUYER's membership to the WEBSITE and during his shopping will be provided to the SELLER for the purpose of providing various products/services and all kinds of information, advertisement-promotion, communication, promotion, sales, marketing, store card, credit card and membership applications. for other commercial-social communications, indefinitely with those mentioned and their successors

Privacy and Security



All services provided in our store and Çınar Mahallesi tahsin bey street no:3 /a Yücel Bey apt. Geza Ceramic Studio, registered at shop a, is owned and operated by our company.

Our company may collect personal data for various purposes. How and in what way the collected personal data is collected, how and how this data is protected is stated below.

Due to the nature of the business, our Store collects some personal information about the members (such as name-surname, company information, telephone, address or e-mail addresses) by filling out various forms and surveys on the Membership or our Store.

Our company may send campaign information, information about new products, promotional offers to its customers and members in certain periods. Our members can make all kinds of choices about whether or not to receive such information while becoming a member, then this selection can be changed in the account information section after logging in as a member, or they can make a notification with the link in the information message they receive.

During the approval process via our store or by e-mail, personal information transmitted to our store electronically by our members will not be disclosed to third parties except for the purposes and scope determined by the "User Agreement" we have made with our Members.

Our company records and uses the IP address of its members in order to identify system-related problems and quickly resolve any problems or disputes that may arise regarding the service provided. IP addresses can also be used to identify users in a general way and to gather comprehensive demographic information.

Our company may use the requested information for direct marketing purposes, either by itself or by the people it cooperates with, except for the purposes and scope determined by the Membership Agreement. Personal information can also be used to contact the user when necessary. Information requested by our company or information provided by the user or information about transactions made through our Store; It can be used in various statistical evaluations, database creation and market research without disclosing the identity of our members, even outside the purposes and scope determined by the "Membership Agreement" by our company and its collaborators.

Our company, to keep confidential information strictly private and confidential, to consider it a confidentiality obligation, to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to take all necessary measures and to take all necessary care to prevent all or any part of confidential information from entering the public domain or unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party. commits to show




Our company prioritizes the security of credit card holders who shop at our shopping sites. Your credit card information is not stored in any way our system.


When you enter the transaction process, there are two things you need to pay attention to to understand that you are on a secure site. One of them is a key or lock icon on the bottom line of your browser. This indicates that you are on a secure website and all your information is encrypted and protected. This information is only used depending on the sales process and in the direction of your instructions. The information about the credit card used during shopping is encrypted with 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, independent of our shopping sites, and sent to the relevant bank for questioning. If the card availability is approved can be sustained for shopping. Since no information about the card can be viewed and recorded by us, third parties are prevented from obtaining this information under any circumstances.

The reliability of payment/invoice/delivery address information of orders placed online by credit card is audited by our company against Credit Card Fraud. Therefore, the accuracy of financial and address/telephone information must first be confirmed in order for customers who order from our shopping sites for the first time to arrive at the procurement and delivery stage. In order to control this information, if necessary, the customer who has the credit card or the relevant bank is contacted.

Only you can access and change all the information you provide while becoming a member. If you protect your member login information securely, it is not possible for others to access and change information about you. For this purpose, it is acted within the 128-bit SSL security area during the membership process. This system is an international encryption standard that cannot be broken.

Internet shopping sites with an information line or customer service service and where full address and telephone information are specified are more preferred today. In this way, you can get detailed information about all the issues that come to your mind,

Consumer Rights - Withdrawal - Cancellation Return Conditions

GENERAL:1. If you place an order electronically through the website you are using, you are deemed to have accepted the preliminary information form and the distance sales contract presented to you.2. Buyers are subject to the provisions of the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of the Consumer and the Regulation on Distance Contracts (RG: 27.11.2014/29188) and other applicable laws regarding the sale and delivery of the product they have purchased.3. The shipping charges, which are the product shipping cost, will be paid by the buyers.4. Each purchased product is delivered to the person and/or organization at the address indicated by the buyer, provided that it does not exceed the legal period of 30 days. If the product is not delivered within this period, Buyers may terminate the contract.5. The purchased product must be delivered in full and in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order and with documents such as warranty certificate, user manual, if any.6. If it becomes impossible to sell the purchased product, the seller has to notify the buyer in writing within 3 days of learning about this situation. The total price must be returned to the Buyer within 14 days.IF THE PURCHASED PRODUCT IS NOT PAYABLE:7. If the Buyer does not pay the price of the purchased product or cancels it in the bank records, the Seller's obligation to deliver the product ends.SHOPPING MADE WITH THE UNAUTHORIZED USE OF CREDIT CARD:8. After the product is delivered, if it is determined that the credit card to which the buyer has paid is used unfairly by unauthorized persons and the price of the sold product is not paid to the Seller by the relevant bank or financial institution, the Buyer shall pay the shipping cost of the product subject to the contract within 3 days to the SELLER. must be returned to the SELLER.IF THE PRODUCT CANNOT BE DELIVERED WITHIN THE TIME FOR UNPROSECTED REASONS:9. If force majeure occurs that the Seller cannot foresee and the product cannot be delivered on time, the Buyer is notified. The buyer may request the cancellation of the order, the replacement of the product with a similar product or the delay of delivery until the obstacle is removed. If the buyer cancels the order; If he has made the payment in cash, this fee will be paid to him in cash within 14 days from the date of cancellation. If the buyer has made the payment by credit card and cancels it, the product price will be returned to the bank within 14 days from this cancellation, but it is possible that the bank will transfer it to the buyer's account within 2-3 weeks.BUYER'S OBLIGATION TO CHECK THE PRODUCT:10. The buyer will inspect the contracted goods/services before receiving them; dented, broken, torn packaging, etc. damaged and defective goods / services will not be received from the cargo company. The received goods/services shall be deemed to be undamaged and intact. The BUYER has to carefully protect the goods/services after delivery. If the right of withdrawal is to be used, the goods/services should not be used. Invoice with the product must also be returned.RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL:11. BUYER; Within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery of the purchased product to himself or to the person/organization at the address indicated, he can use his right to withdraw from the contract by rejecting the goods without taking any legal or criminal responsibility and without giving any reason, provided that he notifies the SELLER via the contact information below.12. CONTACT INFORMATION TO BE NOTIFIED OF THE SELLER'S RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL:COMPANY : Geza Ceramic StudioNAME/TITLE: Geza CeramicADDRESS: Çınar Mahallesi, tahsin bey street no:3 /a Yücel Bey apt. shop aEMAIL: Geziceramic@gmail.comTEL: 0 (531) 949 12 02DURATION OF THE RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL:13. If the buyer has purchased a service, this 14-day period starts from the date of signing the contract. Before the expiry of the right of withdrawal, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in the service contracts where the performance of the service has started with the approval of the consumer. Notification to the Buyer regarding the right of withdrawal is provided in the Distance Contracts and Cancellation Conditions, and the Buyer places an order knowing the withdrawal conditions.14. The costs arising from the use of the right of withdrawal belong to the SELLER.15. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, within 14 (fourteen) days, the SELLER must be notified by registered mail, fax, e-mail or by the method notified by the SELLER, in writing or by the relevant method, and within the framework of the provisions of the "Products for which the Right of Withdrawal cannot be exercised" regulated in this contract. must be unused.USE OF THE RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL:16.3. The invoice of the product delivered to the person or the BUYER, (If the invoice of the product to be returned is corporate, it must be sent with the return invoice issued by the institution when returning it. Order returns whose invoices are issued on behalf of the institutions cannot be completed unless a RETURN INVOICE is issued.)17. Return form, The products to be returned must be delivered complete and undamaged with their box, packaging, standard accessories, if any.RETURN TERMS:18. The SELLER is obliged to return the total price and the documents that put the BUYER under debt to the BUYER within 10 days at the latest from the receipt of the withdrawal notification and to return the goods within 20 days.

Personal Data Policy

[Geza Ceramic Studio] Personal Data PolicyGeneral information about the Personal Data LawThe Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (hereinafter referred to as KVKK) was adopted on March 24, 2016 and published in the Official Gazette No. 29677 on April 7, 2016. Some of the KVKK entered into force on the date of publication, and some on October 7, 2016.Information as a data controllerIn accordance with the KVKK No. 6698 and in the capacity of Data Controller, your personal data is within the framework explained on this page; It will be recorded, stored, updated, disclosed to third parties, classified and processed in the ways listed in KVKK, where the legislation allows.How your personal data can be processedPursuant to the KVKK No. 6698, your personal data that you share with our Company is obtained, recorded, stored, modified, rearranged, fully or partially, automatically, or by non-automatic means provided that it is a part of any data recording system, in short, it is subject to any processing performed on the data. may be processed by us. Any operation performed on data within the scope of KVKK is considered as "processing of personal data".Purposes of processing your personal data and legal reasonsPersonal data you share,In order to fulfill the requirements of the services we provide to our customers in accordance with the requirements of the contract and technology, and to improve our products and services;The Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce No. 6563, the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Service Providers and Intermediary Service Providers in Electronic Commerce published in the Official Gazette dated 26.08.2015 and numbered 29457, which was prepared on the basis of these regulations, RG numbered 29188, dated 27.11.2014. To record the identity, address and other necessary information in order to identify the information of the transaction owner within the scope of the Distance Contracts Regulation and other relevant legislation published in;To prepare all records and documents that will be the basis of payment systems, electronic contracts or paperwork, which are obligatory in the field of Banking and Electronic Payment; To comply with the information retention, reporting and disclosure obligations stipulated by the legislation and other authorities;In order to provide information to prosecutors' offices, courts and relevant public officials, upon request and in accordance with the legislation, on matters related to public security and legal disputes;It will be processed in accordance with KVKK numbered 6698 and related secondary regulations. Information about the third parties or organizations to which your personal data can be transferred. IdeaSoft Yazılım San. ve Tic. Inc. Persons and organizations related to the services provided, such as suppliers, cargo companies, program partner organizations, domestic / international organizations and other 3rd parties that we cooperate with, to carry out our activities and / or in the capacity of Data Processor.How your personal data is collectedYour personal data,With information such as name, surname, TR identity number, address, telephone, business or private e-mail address through the forms on our company's website and mobile applications; In the form of location data, data including preferences on the pages logged in using the user name and password, IP records of the transactions performed, cookie data collected by the browser, and browsing time and details;By means of our sales and marketing department employees, branches, suppliers, other sales channels, forms on paper, business cards, digital marketing and call center, verbally, in writing or electronically;In a physical or virtual environment, face-to-face or distance, verbal or written or in writing, received from people who share their personal data with business cards, CVs, bids and other ways, for purposes such as establishing a commercial relationship with our company, applying for a job, making an offer. from electronic media;In addition, data obtained from (micro) websites and social media indirectly obtained from different channels, used for websites, blogs, contests, surveys, games, campaigns and similar purposes, e-bulletin reading or click movements, data provided by public databases. from profiles and data that are open to sharing from social media platforms; can be processed and collected.Your personal data obtained before the entry into force of the KVKKYour personal data, which were obtained in accordance with the law in terms of membership, electronic message permission, product / service purchase and other forms before the effective date of KVKK, 7 April 2016, are also processed and preserved in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this document.Transfer of your personal data abroadprocessed in Turkey or processed outside of Turkey and preserved

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